<roflmao> pretty much DIB
<goopman> hmm, i've never heard of it
<roflmao> w/ a 0x14 header
<roflmao> DIB = BMP
<roflmao> basically
<roflmao> raw uncompressed rgb images
<roflmao> so you'll have to give it a proper bmp header
<roflmao> and it should work
<roflmao> do you want what resolution that image is supposed to be?
<goopman> all i'm trying to do is be able to work with them
<roflmao> 2048x1024?
<goopman> wanted to rip out some for use on the gof wiki
<roflmao> ah
<roflmao> well, just get any coder really
<roflmao> and they should be able to code you some tool
<roflmao> to extract these images
<roflmao> the format looks trivial, except some things need verifying

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