This is a menu translation patch for GoF version

fixed minor typos (invarid, rute, much, back stub, etc)
translated pause menu information
translated options menu
translated netplay menu

In summary graphical translation is rather finished. Story and arcade scripts are left untouched. Japanese with English next to or on top is left as-is (Character names, most of the options menu) except to fix typos. The bulk of this patch is of course the netplay menus. Trying to play with somebody only to have it return incomprehensible error messages makes it quite difficult to get a game going. For netplay please head to the IRC Chat.

Onsite Download

As this is purely graphical, you can still netplay with people who don't have the patch. This patch has not been tested on earlier versions of the game. Also if those red and blue dot indicators that show if the opponent is going to hit high or low bother anyone as much as they used to bother me I may put out a patch to remove them.

credit goes to-

coding - Nik
stuff - Gavodir
translation help - rains, けーたく, からすとんび, kudo
testing - Rallasner, Kamina
finding a coder - Gene

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