What is parrying?

Parrying attempts to counterattack an opponent's move. While blocking isn't high/low in GoF, parries are. You can cancel weak attacks and blocks into parries, unless you're in heart break. With infight you can can also parry cancel most strong attacks. Parry cancelling depletes your endurance meter. If your parry fails and you are hit, it will become a counter hit. Each character's parries are a bit different, but the standard is that a high parry will respond with a high hit, and low a low hit.

How to handle parries

Parries can be responded to with parries, but you can only do a specific parry once in a "string" of parries. This tends to only apply to Kanae, however, since her parries respond with the opposite high/low counterattack. For example Kanae successfully parries high, her opponent parries low, Kanae parries low, her opponent parries high. After that both characters have used both of their parries already, so without a reset they cannot follow up with any more parrying. As of version responding to parries with moves that evade certain types of attacks no longer works, removing the advantage to characters that had both high and low evasion moves. Moves that clash or have invincibility such as Kanae's 22a can still be used effectively instead of responding with another parry. Also, if your parry is parried, you can respond with a backstep or forward dash/infight. This essentially gives the advantage to whomever parried first, provided they are apt to responding in such a way. Because of this, there usually aren't more than two consecutive parries.

Parry descriptions

Kanae Kinoshita
High - responds with a low hit
Low - responds with a high hit, activating infight afterwards unless cancelled
Futaba Date
Hits high
Does a small forward frontflip, hitting the opponent as she jumps behind them. Temporary speed increase
Papeko Imagawa
Hits high
Hits low
Ammy Akechi
Hits high, inflicts lightning stun, increments lightning charges by 1, unlimited lightning charge usage for a fixed time
Ammy does a turn and hits low, inflicting lightning stun and adding 1 lightning charge. Unlimited lightning charge usage for a fixed time
Minami Maeda
Hits high, lifts opponent
Hits low, wallslams
Makoto Sanada
Hits high, bestows super armor onto Makoto if it connects
Hits low, but as of seems to hit before a parry can be readied in response. Super armor if connects
Ashita Tokugawa
Slowest parry counterattack in the game, and can be parried either way, or you could probably just move. Lifts opponent, inflicts burn
Hits low, inflicts burn
Yukie Chosokabe
Hits high, lifts opponent
Yukie jumps and slams her fists onto an opponent. Can be parried either way, groundslams
Madoi Takeda
Hits high, induces heart break at 10%
Hits low, temporary speed increase
Ruki Uesugi
Ruki slashes her opponent while moving a good distance behind them
Ruki gets behind and backstabs her opponent. Can be parried either way
Negai Kinoshita
Hits high, activates infight afterwards
Negai appears in the air and punches her opponent in the face. This can be parried high or low
Katsuko Hosokawa
Hits high
Hits low
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