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7/14 release: Version
Local mirror (official link seems broken): Part1 - Part2
Hitstun generally shortened, characters' get a speed increase during infight, a decrease of infight time, super meter gain decreased overall, lets you play arcade mode while waiting on the matching server.
In VS mode you can select a fighting style:

  • Infighter
    • 1.33x damage while in infight, as well as received damage halved
    • Super meter gain when next to the opponent
    • 33% less endurance gauge loss
    • Strong attacks can be put out with guard cancel
  • Outboxer
    • 2x speed when evading
    • When you land a counter hit the damage is increased 1.5x
    • Advancement and retreat speed improves (forward dash not included)
    • Can cancel into backstep from guard
  • Old style
    • For those who prefer the way it was before
    • You will still receive a speed boost during infight

6/12 release:
This patch seems to reintroduce combos to the game. Before with good resists you could recover from a combo quite early. Now it lets you chain strong hits longer at reduced damage and if you are counter hit the damage is great. During infight those negatives are not present. Guard break should be easier to inflict, parries that didn't attack like ruki's upper, along with futaba and madoi's lower parries will now counterattack. A "Mind's eye" system that displays a target on your character to indicate if an attack will hit high, center, or low was also implemented. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a feature to turn it off.


Save data: This will unlock the characters Negai and Katsuko, practice mode, and let you view a short omake sequence with Kanae and Date talking with each other. In other words everything displayed here.

2 PIDs: To play with someone online each player needs a unique Player ID. Or at least the two can't be identical. The PID is located in system00.dat. This archive contains two different ones so you can change them out as necessary.

Menu translation: Translates pause, options, and netplay menus.

Keyboard netplay with PPJoy: GoF requires a gamepad to play online. Why that is so cannot be answered. This is a solution for those who must or prefer to use the keyboard to play. It creates a virtual joystick mapped from keyboard inputs. This program is in Chinese, and setting it up is quite complicated as it is made to do quite a lot of joystick-related functions.

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